Cockeysville Rec has offered fitness classes for many years keeping up with all the current fitness trends.  We run 3 sessions during the school year - fall (beginning in September), winter (beginning in early January), and spring (beginning in March or April).   There is a non-refundable donation of $50 for an 8-week (16 classes) session.    Cash or checks made payable to Cockeysville Rec Council (or CRC) are accepted.  Registration is taken prior to the start of class (arrive 5 to 10 minutes early) during the first two weeks.  There is no pre-registration.   Make sure to add this page to your "Favorites" to get quick updates relating to cancellations due to weather or school related activities.

Click on the headings listed below for more info:

Spring Session - Scheduled to begin the week of April 10. Tues/Thurs - Tuesday, April 11. Mon/Wed - Wednesday, April 12. Click link for details.

Winter Session -- Tues/Thurs class ends on March 16. Mon/Wed class ends March 29. Please note that we do not have class if schools are closed for inclement weather. Class is also cancelled if schools close early due to weather.

General Release   Print out a copy of the release and bring it with you to your first class along with your registration fee.

Cancellations   To check the Baltimore County Public Schools website for closings, click here.

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Cockeysville Rec aerobic fitness classes are designed for adults of all ages and fitness levels. We offer an invigorating work-out with easy-to-follow choreography, including step aerobics (step optional) and weights (strength training), along with leg, abdominal and stretching exercises set to upbeat music. You will need to supply your own step, weights (1 to 3 lbs), mat or towel and water bottle; however, steps and weights are optional. These classes are ideal for the person who is hesitant to join an exercise program. The classes are fun, non-competitive and can be modified to any fitness level. There are no long-term commitments and we keep our registration fee low to make it affordable for anyone. You will look and feel better and, believe it or not, have more energy. Join us and get in shape for life. Your body will thank you!



Last Update on 3/16/2023